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15 Tips to Increase your chances of getting recruited by college coaches.

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Coaches Tips

1. Attending ID camps at desired schools gives recruits the opportunity to assess coaching staff, player dynamics, and mutual interest and also establish face-to-face interaction.
2. Initiating contact with coaches personally, via phone or email, is crucial to express interest and provide information like graduation year, positions, team, coach details, game schedule, and a video.
3. Follow-up communication should be every few weeks and also include updates and invitations to watch your games.
4. Phone calls still make a strong impression on coaches and show good conversation skills.
5. Fill out their online recruiting questionnaire and express interest in their program.
6. Coaches also value recruits who are confident, and willing to put themselves out there, and show their personality.
7. Even though coaches don’t have time to contact every potential athlete, it’s important for athletes to make the first contact and stay persistent. Secondly Contacting coaches shows maturity and drive, which are important qualities coaches are looking for. Here is an article about this subject
8. Although junior college coaches have limited budgets they are building relationships with high school coaches, subscribing to recruiting services, and expect athletes to reach out to them directly.
9. Character checks and academic standards are often mandatory, before they will start reviewing skills, watching videos, or potentially setting up visits.
10. In addition sending out postcards and getting on campus are unique way to be seen by coaches amid the flood of emails.
11. Additionally potential student-athletes have to take a proactive approach in their recruiting process although it may be intimidating.
12. Background checks are conducted by calling teachers, coaches, and others in the recruit’s inner circle. They look at the online presence of potential recruits, including social media, YouTube, and Facebook, to assess their character.
13. Academic success and fit within the team and coaching style are obviously important.
14. Building relationships with recruits is a priority for coaches to assess their potential for success in school and as part of the team.
15. You must create a short videos and profile showcasing impressive highlights using services like Ath-Elite Hub follow this link to free profile page Ath-Elite Hub – Where Athletes and Coaches Connect Together