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Criteria a College Coach is looking for in a potential recruit!

1. Athleticism and Skill: Coaches want athletes who possess exceptional athleticism and possess speed, agility, strength, coordination, and technical proficiency in their sport.

2. Competitive Spirit: Coaches seek athletes who have a strong desire to win, display a competitive edge, and are willing to push themselves to achieve their goals. as well as individuals who have a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.

3. Coachability: Another key point coaches want athletes who are open to learning, constructive critizism, and are willing to adapt and improve their game when needed.

4. Academic Performance: Colleges want academic success, so coaches want an athletes who can balance their athletic commitments along with their studies.

5. Leadership and Character: Coaches want athletes who possess strong leadership qualities. They want athletes taking responsibility, are team players, high integrity, and showing respect for coaches, teammates, and opponents.

6. Work Ethic and Dedication: A strong work ethic is highly valued by coaches. They want to recruit athletes committed, and willing to put in the necessary time and effort to improve their skills.

7. Physical and Mental Toughness: Coaches seek athletes who can withstand the pressures and demands of competition, as well as players that display resilience and mental toughness during tough situations.

8. Team Player: Another key point coaches value athletes who understand the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and good sportsmanship.

9. Potentials and Long-Term Development: Coaches assess an athlete’s potential for improvement and their long-term development within their program. They consider an athlete’s physical abilities and skills, but also their ability to learn, grow, and adapt to new challenges.

10. Fit for the Program: Finally coaches consider an athlete’s style of play, attitude, and personality align with the culture and values of their program. They seek athletes that make a positive impact on and off the field, representing their team and the university well.